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Hey there,

I am Rick, founder of the Por Favor Spanish. I have been passionate for languages probably since childhood. My first experience with a foreign language was at school, sounds familiar right? Some might say I have a “special talent” for learning languages but that’s simply not true. And I have also struggled until I got where I am now.

Now I’d like to tell you more about me and what my story with Spanish is.

I Have Not Spoken Any Spanish Until My Late 30’s…

In fact, not even understood anything. Of course if you don’t count the basic phrases like “buenos días“, “gracias” or “por favor“. You see where the name of this website is coming from, ha-ha. These simple words, which I have known from TV or music, and that was it. Understanding and speaking Spanish was something which I wished for, but I have not done anything to make it happen.

The Spanish has always sounded cool to me and everything. I even visited a Spanish speaking country or two when I was adult. But still, I had no idea what everyone around me was saying. And I was just thinking: “How cool would be to understand those people“. But then I just moved on, got back home and I still didn’t start learning Spanish for many years forward. Until one day, you know, it was the full pandemic in the world, when people weren’t allowed to leave their homes. And so I had plenty of spare time at home thinking about things. Somehow I decided to do something meaningful and so I learned Spanish in no time. Just like that, easy :D. Have I found a secret method? Or was it magic? Nope, I just really got into it and studied how other people did it and I’ve done the same.

Yes, before I had learned a foreign language in the past already. Hint: I wasn’t born in an English-speaking country 😉 But back then it took me years, probably a decade until I felt comfortable speaking English to anyone outside of my language classes.

This time with Spanish I found my way and I could actually understand majority of videos/podcasts within months! Starting from zero. I see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to do the same.

I Can Help You Improve Your Spanish Within Months Too!

My mission, my goal is now to help other people who have been struggling forever, to show that learning a language can be fun. And that the classic method they teach you in the school, grammar books and drilling endless vocabulary lists is not the only method in the world. And that you can find your own way and make that progress you have always wished for.

I will teach you what I know, so you can be fluent in Spanish before your next vacation to Mexico or Cuba! I know how it is, just follow me and trust the process. You will soon see amazing results.

My Goal is to Help You With Your Dream.

Whether your goal is to travel to South America and speak with the locals in their language. Or you want to understand your Latino girlfriend talking to her parents. Or just be able to order a cerveza or dos tequilas in that Mexican bar in your neighborhood without fear, this website can help you achieve it.

If you ever feel like reaching out to me or have a question or idea for a next topic I should write about, just comment here below on my website. I’ll be glad to say hi to you and help anytime.

Chao, chao!


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